Jonathan Rose

Jonathan's pictureSince 1992, Training for All Ages, owned by Jonathan Rose, is inspiring, educating, motivating and empowering people of all ages to reap the benefits of making exercising and eating healthy a regular part of their lives. They offer a selection of exercise programs for: children, adults and seniors to help them reach their optimal health and fitness level while having fun and being safe. Exercise and eating right are critical to a person living the healthiest and highest quality of life possible. Hiring a trainer to help one get on track and stay on track is critical for many people.

Jonathan has trained each age group extensively and sees a strong need for people to make exercise a “regular and consistent” part of their lives. It is very easy to not fit exercising regularly into our lives for whatever reason. In addition, sometimes people aren’t doing a program that is going to help one achieve their health and fitness goals. Training for Ages’ purpose is to help people get on the right program specifically designed for them to address their goals as well as their needs and to be set up on a schedule to help one achieve them. One will go through a thorough fitness assessment to uncover what would best to focus on.

A well designed exercise program done consistently supported by a healthy eating plan is the key to success.



Parkinson’s Training

People who have Parkinson’s and their family can feel hopeless or confused. One who has Parkinson’s doesn’t have to necessarily be stuck with the way their body is functioning. From being on a Parkinson’s specific training program one can experience many amazing benefits, reduce their symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease. Learn more…

Caregivers & Family Members

Exercise instruction doesn’t need to only be led by the health and fitness professional. Caregivers and family members can be instructed on how to take someone through exercises so the person can get regular movement. This will lead to the person being in much better shape. An amazing program can be designed and taught to the caregivers and family members. Learn more…

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Youth Training

Whether you want to help your child lose weight, get in shape, be more active or train for a sport an exercise program can be designed specially for them to reach their goals. Having a trainer come alongside them to guide, motivate, support and inspire them can set them up for success.

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Adult Training

Fitting a workout into a busy schedule as well as getting on the right program to give you the results you want can be challenging. Getting a knowledgeable person to design a program tailored for you who is passionate and committed to helping you to attain the results you want can set you up for success.

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Senior Training

In the later years people can experience many great benefits from a well designed exercise program to help them: get stronger, be more flexible, improve their health, lose weight if needed, have better balance, improve their stamina and feel better.