Programs offered

Training for All Ages offers specific programs for: 
People with various musculoskeletal conditions (eg. back, shoulder, knee and hip)
Special populations
Training caregivers and family members to take the people they are caring for through exercises. 

With all programs one will be given a fitness assessment where medical history will be talked about, the body will be assessed to see what the biggest needs are and the individual’s personal goals will be discussed.  From there a safe and effective exercise program will be designed specifically to the individual’s needs, goals and limitations.  A person’s eating regimen will be discussed to help them reach their fitness goals.  If one has an injury to a certain part of the body, an exercise program will be designed so the person can workout within the limitations of the injury.  In many cases the person’s issue will get better through proper rest and rehabilitative exercises.  The person’s therapist or doctor will be consulted if necessary.

Individual, couples, semi-private and group private training sessions are offered.  Classes will be developed.  If you are interested in a class let Jonathan Rose know at [email protected]


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Youth Fitness

Whether you want to help your child lose weight, get in shape, be more active or train for a sport an exercise program can be designed specially for them to reach their goals. Having a trainer come alongside them to guide, motivate, support and inspire them can set them up for success.

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Adult Fitness

Fitting a workout into a busy schedule as well as getting on the right program to give you the results you want can be challenging. Getting a knowledgeable person to design a program tailored for you who is passionate and committed to helping you to attain the results you want can set you up for success.

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Senior Training

In the later years people can experience many great benefits from a well designed exercise program to help them: get stronger, be more flexible, improve their health, lose weight if needed, have better balance, improve their stamina and feel better.