Cargivers & Family members

Training for Caregivers and Family members to help Senior’s

People who have caregivers can utilize them to help the person they are caring for to get more movement and help them to integrate exercise programs developed by a trainer or therapist.  A trainer or therapist will suggest a person do exercises on their own, which unfortunately done get done.  A caregiver can remind the person to do the exercises, guide them through them and assist them if needed.

What is your activity plan?

Jonathan can help design a specific exercise program that a family member or caregiver can do consisting of:

1) Cardiovascular exercises like: walking, biking, rowing, or elliptical.

2) Strengthening exercises: on a machine, with dumbbells, or with exercise bands.

3) Exercises done lying down on the floor or on the bed.

4) Seated exercises in a chair.

5) Standing exercises.

One can hire a trainer to come out regularly: once, twice, three times a week or more or every so often to assess the client and modify the program.

It takes accountability in many cases to ensure that a person exercises regularly.  Many older people need assistance to perform the exercises safely and/or correctly.

For a person with Parkinson’s this is critical because of their need to get regular exercise to help manage and reduce their symptoms.

For a person with cardiac issues, the caregiver can get the person they are taking care of on a schedule to ensure they get sufficient amounts of cardiovascular activity.

For a person who has an injury the caregiver can ensure the person does the exercises recommended by the health professional.  The caregiver can also inform the health professional of the status they are caring for.


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