I am 60 years old. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. While my symptoms are not very     noticeable or inhibiting, I am aggressively trying to maintain physical exercise as a major commitment. My only exercise was (and continues to be) jogging six out of seven days a week. My neurologist recommended that I consider working with an exercise trainer and recommended Jonathan. I have been training with Jonathan for almost a year. I have never worked with a trainer before.

With Jonathan’s guidance, I am now more fit than I have ever been in my life. His knowledge is encyclopedic and he designs excellent workout programs customized to his client’s needs. He emphasizes balance in his work with me, as that can become an issue with Parkinson’s. Additionally, he has created a broad, multi-faceted work out program for both my wife and me. He is very gentle and patient, bringing his client’s along at their own pace. Jonathan is a compassionate, optimistic person; he makes the workouts fun as well as healthy. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.



My name is Miriam.  I am an architect working in Santa Monica, California.  I work out with Jonathan Rose.   The best aspect of working out with Jonathan is the confidence of expanding my workout regimen with a professional, so that I know I am moving in the direction I want to – safely.  It is great to understand the relationship between the exercise and its effect on the body.

 I was in an exercise rut, and this has really reinvigorated my workouts in addition to making me more wholly fit.   I wish I had done this sooner.  I feel as if I have more control of my health and fitness.  I highly recommend working out with Jonathan.  He is knowledgeable and helpful.


In 2007, Jonathan Rose started working for my family as our personal trainer, leading us through group exercise sessions. Jonathan created exercise routines for each of us – my father, mother, husband and me. I was always impressed that Jonathan could remember all four exercise routines at the same time and shift his focus among the four us repetitively throughout the hour, in a split second if needed. I thought this might tire him out, but instead the challenge seemed to energize him and his spirits remained high. As a result, exercise time became family fun time.

My elderly neighbor got wind of the fun we were having while exercising and started showing up every day when Jonathan arrived, watching the four of us work out for an hour. After a while, we invited her to work out with us and then Jonathan impressed us by splitting his focus five ways – and he did it well!

In 2008, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and over the next few years, Jonathan watched the demands of my father’s care affect our family life. It also affected our family exercise time because my father often wasn’t able to exercise when Jonathan arrived, or my father’s personal care would force him and my mother to leave mid-exercise session. About that time, in 2011, Jonathan was making a career change from employee at a local gym to full-time independent personal trainer. While he had the time, he offered to stay longer hours with us to give my father the flexibility to exercise when he was able. To make this an affordable option, Jonathan reduced his rate and we gave him the flexibility of fitting our schedule around his other clients. In keeping with Jonathan’s strong work ethic, he expanded his job description to include anything he could do to support our family when my father was resting. He worked tirelessly while he was in our home.

Jonathan’s position with us continued to evolve over the next four years. He constantly adapted my father’s exercise routines using exercise to maintain my father’s mobility and reduce or eliminate the pain he experienced from muscle stiffness and rigidity caused by Parkinson’s. As my father needed more care and more caregivers, Jonathan took on the responsibility of teaching those caregivers my father’s exercise routine and training them in the verbal and physical prompting my father needed to do the exercises. One Sunday evening when my father’s pain was severe and the caregiver on staff couldn’t manage it, Jonathan agreed to log into our Dropcam system (an audio/video monitoring system) from his home and lead the caregiver through an exercise routine for an hour. The exercise therapy was successful – significantly reducing my father’s rigidity, eliminating his pain, and allowing the four of us to go out for a family dinner (one of my father’s favorite treats)!

Jonathan and I worked together to write down a care plan for my father that included the exercise routines he had developed. I used Google forms and a tablet to make the care plan accessible to staff so they could report the exercises and activities my father performed, and we could use that data to see which exercises and activities were most effective at increasing my father’s sense of well-being. As a result, my father enjoyed life with relatively little pain until the day of his death at almost 92. Without Jonathan’s dedication, compassion, intelligence, insight, and untiring efforts, my father would have endured prolonged suffering from the crippling effects of Parkinson’s. Instead, my family and I got to enjoy my father’s presence at home, at restaurants, and on outings for several years longer than his initial life expectancy. For that, we owe a debt of gratitude to Jonathan.



1. What fitness goals did you want to accomplish when you hired a trainer?

    To get in better shape

2. Were these goals accomplished? How?

    Yes.. with weight training

3. What do you like most about training with Jonathan Rose?

    His attitude on a workout that works for me.

1. WHO:  Jackie,  I am a business person, living in Beverly Hills.

2. RESULT: I am in better shape.  Jonathan was great in working with me after my knee surgery.

3. EFFECT OF RESULT:  Losing inches.

4. CALL TO ACTION:  I recommend everyone should have a trainer like Jonathan.


I’ve been training with Jonathan Rose for over a year now, and am extremely pleased with the results. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1998, and the disease has naturally progressed over the years, limiting my ability to move; gait disorder and freezing/falling are particular issues. Jonathan has worked diligently with me to address those issues. He spends a great deal of time thinking about my specific challenges, and developing exercises to help me overcome them. Jonathan is always upbeat and positive, and my training sessions with him leave me feeling inspired (and exhausted!) I would recommend him highly to anyone with Parkinson’s Disease who is looking for a good exercise program ­­ and to any doctor or other medical professional who wants to refer patients to a trainer specializing in Parkinson’s.



Jonathan gave me hope when I first got diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disearse. I was terrified, because as a little girlmy father had a very bad case of it. I saw him deteriorate rapidly. This was in the 40’s and 50’s and there was no treatment. Jonathan told me that if one keeps moving the muscles you can fight the disease. So we started working together and I am moving better, a lot stronger, feel more confident when I, am able to get up from the chair easier and have lost weight too.

Myrna Zimmerman

The name “Training For All Ages” says it all.
Jonathan has been working with my wife and I once a week for the past month. He is a great motivator and is interested in helping you achieve.
I wanted someone who could show us exercises to do with the equipment at our apartment’s gym. Jonathan is able to explain the correct way to perform the exercises….many of which are for core and balance.
With his assistance we are able to work out effectively on our own.
Ages 13 to 90+ can benefit from seeing Jonathan


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