In 2007, Jonathan Rose started working for my family as our personal trainer, leading us through group exercise sessions. Jonathan created exercise routines for each of us – my father, mother, husband and me. I was always impressed that Jonathan could remember all four exercise routines at the same time and shift his focus among the four us repetitively throughout the hour, in a split second if needed. I thought this might tire him out, but instead the challenge seemed to energize him and his spirits remained high. As a result, exercise time became family fun time. My elderly neighbor got wind of the fun we were having while exercising and started showing up every day when Jonathan arrived, watching the four of us work out for an hour. After a while, we invited her to work out with us and then Jonathan impressed us by splitting his focus five ways – and he did it well! In 2008, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and over the next few years, Jonathan watched the demands of my father’s care affect our family life. It also affected our family exercise time because my father often wasn’t able to exercise when Jonathan arrived, or my father’s personal care would force him and my mother to leave mid-exercise session. About that time, in 2011, Jonathan was making a career change from employee at a local gym to full-time independent personal trainer. While he had the time, he offered to stay longer hours with us to give my father the flexibility to exercise when he was able. To make this an affordable option, Jonathan reduced his rate and we gave him the flexibility of fitting our schedule around his other clients. In keeping with Jonathan’s strong work ethic, he expanded his job description to include anything he could do to support our family when my father was resting. He worked tirelessly while he was in our home. Jonathan’s position with us continued to evolve over the next four years. He constantly adapted my father’s exercise routines using exercise to maintain my father’s mobility and reduce or eliminate the pain he experienced from muscle stiffness and rigidity caused by Parkinson’s. As my father needed more care and more caregivers, Jonathan took on the responsibility of teaching those caregivers my father’s exercise routine and training them in the verbal and physical prompting my father needed to do the exercises. One Sunday evening when my father’s pain was severe and the caregiver on staff couldn’t manage it, Jonathan agreed to log into our Dropcam system (an audio/video monitoring system) from his home and lead the caregiver through an exercise routine for an hour. The exercise therapy was successful – significantly reducing my father’s rigidity, eliminating his pain, and allowing the four of us to go out for a family dinner (one of my father’s favorite treats)! Jonathan and I worked together to write down a care plan for my father that included the exercise routines he had developed. I used Google forms and a tablet to make the care plan accessible to staff so they could report the exercises and activities my father performed, and we could use that data to see which exercises and activities were most effective at increasing my father’s sense of well-being. As a result, my father enjoyed life with relatively little pain until the day of his death at almost 92. Without Jonathan’s dedication, compassion, intelligence, insight, and untiring efforts, my father would have endured prolonged suffering from the crippling effects of Parkinson’s. Instead, my family and I got to enjoy my father’s presence at home, at restaurants, and on outings for several years longer than his initial life expectancy. For that, we owe a debt of gratitude to Jonathan.

Jonathan Rose wants as many people as possible to reap the amazing benefits of exercising regularly and eating healthy.  He provides people with exercise programs that are specifically designed for them to set them up for success to get on a well rounded exercise program helping them:  get stronger, more flexible, reduce weight and body fat if needed, improve posture, improve balance, mobility and agility, as well as stamina.  

Since 1992 he has been training children, adults and seniors to help them get in their best shape.  He specializes in working with seniors and people with Parkinson’s. He is very concerned about older people getting regular exercise so they have the strength, mobility and balance to live their lives and to decrease their vulnerability to falling.  He also trains caregivers and family members to help incorporate exercise in the people they are taking care of.  He develops programs for people who have Parkinson’s to manage and reduce their symptoms and teaches the caregivers and family members to help manage as well.  He teaches them exercises and stretches to do.  

Jonathan has a degree in Exercise Science and is a NASM Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist.  He is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist in The Biomechanics Method as well as has two certifications by Gary Gray, Certification in Applied Functional Science and 3D Maps.

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