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Training With Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose offers 1:1 training in the privacy of your own home, or your preferred setting, including virtual training. 

Training begins with an assessment of your overall health and wellness, as well as your capacity for stress and exercise. From there Jonathan will design the ultimate customer plan to help you reach your personal fitness goals. 

Plans can include a large variety of workout styles, wellness plans, nutrition plans and strategies for forming better habits for an overall better life! Make your appointment today!!

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training for all ages
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Certified Trainer

Jonathan Rose is an NASM Certified Master trainer with specialty certifications in Parkinson’s, Senior Fitness, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Weightloss, Behavior Change, and MORE!

Sport & Nutrition

Jonathan loves to work with athletes as well as clients focused on better nutrition and wellness. His primary focus is habit formation for behavior change!

Senior Fitness

Jonathan specializes in senior fitness and Parkinson’s treatment through exercise. He will perform an assessment and create a custom plan to help you regain your balance, joint mobility, and muscle tone for the best quality of life!

Why Training

Popular Programs

Training for All Ages offers programs for people at any stage of life, and at any level of fitness!

senior fitness training

Senior Training

Seniors tend to lose flexibility, strength, and often their balance as they age. Maintaining a good level of fitness can be extremely challenging, and loss of this essential function can cause serious injury.

Parkinsons training

Jonathan Rose has designed a program to help slow the progression of PD, reduce the chances of falling, improve joint range of motion, and increase muscle tone.

adult and youth training

adult & youth training

Jonathan works with youth and adults to build custom fitness plans unique to their needs & goals. 

couples training

Couples training

Working out as a couple can be an amazing bond-building experience. Plus, you have someone to hold you accountable!

caregiver training

Caregiver training

Jonathan works with caregivers to design plans they can use to keep their senior or Parkinson’s patients in good shape.

virtual training

Virtual Training

Jonathan can design your custom plan and coach you from a distance with his specialized Virtual Training.


A Guide to Proper Diet and Nutrition With Parkinson’s Disease

Did you know that almost 680,000 deaths a year can be directly attributed to nutrition-related illnesses? If you have Parkinson's disease, then the way you eat is more important than ever. The reason for this is that your food can help you maintain the disease or it...

The Benefits of Working With a Parkinson’s Exercise Trainer

What if there was an easy way to get relief from Parkinson's Disease? Many with this condition get relief every day from the right Parkinson's exercise routine. But if you don't know what you are doing, this routine could end up making you feel worse instead of...

Symptoms a Specialized Parkinson’s Personal Trainer Helps Relieve

It's no secret that Parkinson's is a condition that can easily complicate your life. Unfortunately, we still don't fully understand how to cure it. The good news, however, is that working with a personal trainer could potentially minimize the symptoms that you...

5 Exercises to Combat Rigidity in Parkinson’s

What if Parkinson's didn't have to slow you down? One of the worst parts of Parkinson's is that it causes stiffness and rigidity. This can make it difficult to move around the house, much less to go to work or visit family members. However, you can fight rigidity in...

20 Ways To Help You Develop the Habit of Exercising  

This is great that you are looking forward ways to develop the habit of exercising and fit exercise into your busy schedule.  I personally love exercising.  I feel great when I exercise.  I personally love helping people schedule out times to ensure...

Seniors and Parkinson’s: Developing Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits

Did you know that more than 10 million Americans are currently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease? From shaking and stiff muscles to slow movements and difficulty balancing, living with Parkinson's is extremely challenging. While there's no cure for the disease,...


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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Jonathan Rose for almost three years.  I have Parkinson’s and find that the physical movement, balance and strength exercises which Jonathan implemented has helped me immensely.  I cannot over emphasize how important he has been in maintaining my physical condition.  He is very knowledgeable, extremely well trained, compassionate, punctual and I feel is genuinely concerned for my well-being.

James Schley

My Mother who is in her nineties but always healthy and active became rapidly incapacitated by Parkinson’s disease this last year or so. The brightest light to this sad journey has been our luck of finding and hiring Jonathan Rose to work with Mother.

Dorothy Young

Jonathan Rose worked with my family as our personal trainer, leading us through group exercise sessions. Jonathan created exercise routines for each of us – my father, mother, husband and me. I was always impressed that Jonathan could remember all four exercise routines at the same time and shift his focus among the four us repetitively throughout the hour, in a split second if needed.


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