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How Would You Like to get in your best shape? Training For All Ages wants to help you. Jonathan Rose, Master Trainer and owner of Training For All Ages, vision and deep desire is to motivate, inspire, and teach as many people in the world to build and create their best lives through:

Jonathan Rose is a Master Trainer and is here for you wherever you are at on your fitness journey. Jonathan wants to personally train people individually as he has for many years. He wants to get as many people throughout the world to develop the habit of exercising regularly.

Some people are internally motivated and driven to exercise and go after what is important in their lives. Unfortunately, many people aren’t.

Training For All Ages understands this very clearly and wants to help. We want to help and inspire you to:

  • Developing the habit of exercising regularly and eating healthy.
  • Get in touch with how important exercising is so you will be motivated to plan time for it.
  • Plan out your life making time to exercise, time to do what is important and meaningful in your life and time to relax.
  • Remind you to exercise and make you want to do it.
  • Provide you with many ways for you connected with how great exercise makes you feel and how it makes your life better.
  • Provide you with the best exercise programs and equipment so you can get in your best shape.

Change What you Think

Change How You Feel

Change What You Do

sayings to Inspire and Motivate you to exercise

Our thoughts can strongly influence how we feel and ultimately what we do.  By changing the way we think about exercising it can help to change the way we feel about exercising and ultimately influence and lead to choosing to exercise or not.

  • Reframe what you think about exercise.
  • Change how you feel about exercise.
  • Change whether you exercise or not.

What you think about exercise can greatly influence if you choose to do it or not. It’s easy to say things like: I don’t like to exercise, exercise is painful, I’m not in the mood, exercise is boring, I’ll do it later, I know I should exercise, etc. Signs with sayings around you that express your positive thoughts and feelings about exercise can be a great reminder to you. These positive thoughts and feelings can help you form deeper positive associations with exercise helping to lead you to exercising.

If you start to see sayings like, “I feel great when I exercise,” “I look and feel better because I exercise,” “I love exercising,” “I look forward to exercising,” it can help to form a positive connection with exercise. If I thought something positive like I feel great when I exercise, it could lead me to saying I want to feel great, I’ll exercise. If you have great times hiking and you see a sign that says I love hiking, you might think to yourself about going hiking.

Picture yourself working out or hiking. You have a great time, feel better, or have a positive experience from it. Now picture yourself in your home with nothing to remind you about exercising. Do you think you would think about exercising, how great you feel when you exercise, how much you loved the hike you went on or any positive experience you had exercising? You probably won’t.

By not thinking about or being reminded of your positive feelings of exercising can lead you to go back to not thinking about exercising and possibly going back to saying things like I don’t my have time to workout, I’ll do it later, exercise is boring, etc. I think the more positive associations you have with exercising can help to motivate and inspire you to exercise.


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Signs and Sayings

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Are you ready to get started on your fitness journey?  Let Training For All Ages provide you with the best equipment that Master Trainer Jonathan Rose has carefully selected himself.  Set yourself up for success with the right equipment so you can achieve your fitness goals and get in your best shape to:

  • Strength Your Core
  • Lose Weight and Reduce Body Fat
  • Improve Your Balance
  • Stretch Tight Muscles and Improve Your Flexibility
  • Get Knots out of Tight Muscles
  • Get Stronger
  • Get Leaner, More Toned and Defined Muscles
  • Improve Your Endurance and Stamina
  • Improve Your Overall Health
  • Improve Your Mood and Reduce Stress

Activity Trackers

Weight Training and Toning

Balance Training

Weight Training and Toning

Vitamins and Supplements

Personal Growth



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How Regular Exercise Can Decrease Episodes of Freezing

What clients say

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Jonathan Rose wants as many people as possible to reap the amazing benefits of exercising regularly and eating healthy.  He provides people with exercise programs that are specifically designed for them to set them up for success to get on a well rounded exercise program helping them:  get stronger, more flexible, reduce weight and body fat if needed, improve posture, improve balance, mobility and agility, as well as stamina.  

Since 1992 he has been training children, adults and seniors to help them get in their best shape.  He specializes in working with seniors and people with Parkinson’s. He is very concerned about older people getting regular exercise so they have the strength, mobility and balance to live their lives and to decrease their vulnerability to falling.  He also trains caregivers and family members to help incorporate exercise in the people they are taking care of.  He develops programs for people who have Parkinson’s to manage and reduce their symptoms and teaches the caregivers and family members to help manage as well.  He teaches them exercises and stretches to do.  

Jonathan has a degree in Exercise Science and is a NASM Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist.  He is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist in The Biomechanics Method as well as has two certifications by Gary Gray, Certification in Applied Functional Science and 3D Maps.

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