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    • NASM Master Trainer
    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
    • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • NASM Behavior Change Specialist
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist in the Biomechanics Method
    • Certification in Applied Functional Science
    • Certification in 3D Maps
    • Parkinson’s Specialist

Mission Statement

Jonathan Rose is a personal trainer and owner of Training For All Ages in the Los Angeles area. He also trains people virtually throughout the world. Jonathan wants to be known for inspiring, educating and creating systems and programs to help children, adults and seniors get on a regular and consistent exercise program and healthy eating plan that is specifically designed for them to achieve the results that they are looking for and live their fullest lives possible. He is a personal trainer for Parkinson’s who is very committed to helping people with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms so they can walk, move, and live their best life possible.


B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science from State University of NY at Buffalo

Personal Training for Children

He is very passionate about working with children getting them moving and eating healthier. He has led classes for children: strength and conditioning, step aerobics, toning, and sculpting. He has trained a number of children individually as well helping them get on a good exercise program, inspiring them to eat healthier and make exercise a part of their lives. Many children will take guidance well from a trainer, which sometimes doesn’t always happen from their parents.

Personal Training for Men and Women

He has worked with many adults: helping women lose fat and weight, look and feel better, look and fit into their clothes better, get more toned, lose inches in their abs, legs, and thighs, strengthen their cores and have better posture. He has helped many men as well get stronger, strengthen their cores, increase lean muscle mass, lose that belly fat, go through challenging workouts, be consistent, and look and feel better.

Personal Training for Parkinson’s

Jonathan has a deep concern for people who have Parkinson’s and is committed to helping them get on a regular exercise program to manage their condition. He takes people with Parkinson’s through exercises to improve there: strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, and stamina. He wants to provide hope for the person with Parkinson’s and the people who take care of them. Through Jonathan’s 13 years of working with many people with Parkinson’s ranging from mild to an advanced stage, he has developed a very successful program to help people with Parkinson’s manage their condition to decrease their symptoms and move better so they can live their best lives possible. He also trains the caregivers and family members how to provide exercises and stretches while he isn’t there so the person with Parkinson’s can get regular exercise, decrease their rigidity, learn how to deal with freezing episodes, maintain their ability to move, and get them to an on state so they can move when they are having a difficult time.

He has trained people in their homes, private gyms, outdoors and at top health clubs in Los Angeles. He loves taking people through many different types of workouts. All of his exercise programs are well balanced and challenging, personally designed to help people get into their best possible shape. He has led youth, adult and senior training programs.

He has a large experience working with the average person who wants to: get in shape, lose weight, get stronger, have better posture, strengthen their core, become more flexible, improve their balance, and look and feel better. He is able to develop a great exercise program and is able to help someone get on a healthy eating plan.

Personal Training For Seniors

He has worked extensively with seniors in a group and individual setting. He is very concerned about older people being active, having the strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina to live their lives. Many seniors decline rapidly when they aren’t active usually suffering from a number of various ailments. He has worked in three assisted living facilities leading exercise programs. He has worked in 3 cardiac rehab facilities, in an outpatient cardiac rehab program at The Veterans Hospital in Buffalo, NY, at Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center and in the inpatient cardiac rehab program at Saint John’s Medical Center.

Many of his clients now and over the years have been 60 and above. Many of these clients have various medical issues ranging from muscle and joint problems, heart issues, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He has clients who have bone spurs, bursitis on the hips and shoulders, rounded shoulders, hip and knee replacements, herniated discs, broken shoulders, torn rotator cuff, rheumatoid arthritis as well as many other medical conditions.

Through being a corrective exercise specialist, he is able to assess people and identify muscles in the body that are out of balance. For example, in a person whose shoulders are rounded their chest muscles are tight and their upper back muscles are weak. Jonathan develops specific programs to help the person get on a program tailored to his client’s muscle imbalances, injury considerations and goals that will help them exercise the body without injuring themselves and most of the time healing from their injury through rehab exercises and stretches.

One of Jonathan’s major focuses has been on helping people have better posture. So many people have rounded shoulders and a forward head posture, weak upper/lower back and neck muscles, as well as muscle tightness and pain. Jonathan has developed a specific program to help people increase their upper/ lower back and neck strength and flexibility as well as reduce or diminish their pain.

Ultimately, Jonathan Rose is passionate about helping people live their highest quality of life possible: being active, eating healthy and enjoying their life.

strength training all ages

Strength Training

Whether you’re looking to build lean muscle or bulk up, Jonathan Rose can create the optimal custom plan for your goals!

mobility fitness for seniors


Jonathan works with patients of all ages to regain mobility after injuries, illness, or surgery as well as to maintain mobility through aging or PD.

weight loss cardio

Weight Loss

Looking to slim down? Don’t try those fad diets! Schedule an appointment with Jonathan to get your custom plan, shed those pounds, and keep them off!


Jonathan Rose

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Master Trainer | Senior & Parkinson’s Specialist

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