Many people want to get in shape, so how do you do it?

Develop the Habit of Exercising Regularly

Develop a schedule of when you are going to workout and stick to it.  This might sound very basic, however I believe that a major reason people don’t get in shape is because they haven’t developed the habit of exercising regularly.  People don’t think about it or they think about it here and there.

To get in shape and reach your fitness goals so you look and feel your best will take working out regularly.  

  • Decide on when is best for you to workout each week.  
  • Pick days and times that work for you.  
  • If you like to workout with someone, arrange that with them.  Having someone to keep you on track could actually help you a lot.
  • Choose somewhere that will inspire you to workout.
  • Is there a place you like to go walking, running, hiking or bicycling?
  • Is there a hiking trail or beach close by that you like to go to?
  • Do you have a sport you like to play or even train for?
  • Do you like the benefits of weight training and how it makes you feel and/or look?
  • Do you feel more energy when you workout?

A major key to getting in shape

Take some time to figure out when you can and want to workout.  Then stick to that plan.  Be focused on working out regularly so you can get in your best shape and reach your health and fitness goal.