Did you know that close to a million people in the United States are living with Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s is a central nervous system condition that causes people to lose control over their bodies. The condition can affect your quality of life and make everyday activities difficult.  A major symptom of Parkinson’s is rigidity.  Over the years I have trained many people with Parkinson’s.  Some people say that they feel stiff and some people’s muscles are tight and rigid.  I’ve worked with people whose muscles seem like they are permanently stuck in a fixed position.

I went over a new clients house whose arm was stuck in a bent position at ninety degrees.  He was living with his arm in that bent position.  That was very limiting and frustrating for him.  I stretched his bicep out and straightened his arm to a fully extended position and showed him how to stretch own bicep to maintain it.  Now he’s walking around with a fully straightened arm instead of a bent arm.

I’ve gone to new clients who are lying in their bed on their back bent to their side.  I see pillows pushed into their side to try to balance them.  It’s even worse when I have seen people leaning to the side in a chair with pillows pushed into their chair.  This is not good for a person to be stuck in a fixed position leaning to one side.  What I’ve found is that the muscles can be stretched out so the person straightens out and is not leaning to the side.

Getting help with Parkinson’s is more than possible when you take the course that is coming soon offered by Training For All Ages called The Parkinson’s Success System.  This course will help you face Parkinson’s head-on by teaching someone with Parkinson’s and the people who take care of them how to stretch a person’s muscles out to stop feeling stiff and how to stretch muscles out that seem to be stuck in a fixed position. 

Consider the following information so that you can get help with Parkinson’s by leaning on the help of Training For All Ages. 

Does Stretching Help You With Parkinson’s?

It’s medically proven that exercise is an excellent way to handle your Parkinson’s disease. This is why it is a core component of The Parkinson’s Success System.

When you have exercise habits that are productive, you will be better able to keep your Parkinson’s disease under control. Stretching is one of the best exercise habits you can uphold.

Here are a few reasons:

Stretching Helps You With Your Balance and Coordination

Stretching is great for your flexibility, which will ultimately help with your Parkinson’s disease. 

Increased flexibility helps you build your balance and coordination a lot.  When you have better balance and coordination, you will have more control over the symptoms of the disease and will be less prone to accidents. 

Regularly stretching will improve your range of motion and help to keep you upright.  The more you stretch, the more comfortable and capable you will feel in your body. 

With The Parkinson’s Success System course, your body will become more limber by participating in a series of stretches and exercises.  The workouts will help you learn to put your body in an on state, while improving your balance and decreasing rigidity. 

You Can Retain Your Posture

Posture is tremendously beneficial to you especially if you have Parkinson’s disease. 

When you have good posture, it gives you more control over your body and how you use it.  It prevents you from stooping forward and keeps your body from developing unnecessary pain and soreness. 

The Parkinson’s Success System course implements stretching exercises that can even be done when you’re sitting and lying down. You will elongate your spine and stretch your muscles so that you can stand tall without leaning to one side or the other.   

Some people with Parkinson’s have tight chest muscles which can lead to rounded shoulders and poor posture.  It’s important to stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the upper back muscles called the rhomboids which are attached to the spine and function to retract the shoulder blades.  When the chest muscles are stretched and the upper back muscles are strengthened it will lead to the shoulders being held back and a person looking more upright with better posture.

Stretching to improve your posture can be every bit as effective for your Parkinson’s disease as a regimen of medication. What’s more, posture allows you to breathe more deeply, which helps you control your voice and offset some of the speech issues that develop with the condition. 

It also helps you to have more energy and focus during the day, and you will be less prone to depression.  People that take The Parkinson’s Success System course will learn how to do these exercises on their own time, even without a personal trainer present. 

This builds confidence and puts you in touch with your body so that you can get warmed up and attack your day. 

It Can Keep Your Muscles Limber

Stretching keeps your body limber by lengthening your muscles. When your muscles are more limber, you will have better balance and endurance that can keep your body healthy.

People that take The Parkinson’s Success System course will pack on lean muscle, burn fat, improve their cardiovascular health, and learn nutritional principles that can carry them for life. 

You will be equipped to deal with Parkinson’s so that you are less prone to freezing episodes and fall injuries.  

This allows you to go about your everyday activities without having to leave out the things that you love. Whether you enjoy playing with kids or grandchildren or want to participate in activities that you enjoy, keeping your muscles limber will help you tremendously. 

If You Stretch, You’ll Keep Your Endurance

By stretching your body, you also improve your blood circulation. This increase in blood flow will help you maintain bodily endurance. 

When your body is seemingly working against itself with Parkinson’s disease, it is only natural that you will start to feel fatigued and weary.  By stretching on a regular basis, your body’s endurance will prevent you from dealing with the fatigue that can make your everyday life and activities a burden. 

Taking The Parkinson’s Success System course will decrease shuffling so that you can walk for longer periods of time without fatigue.  You won’t have to worry about losing your breath or feeling dizzy when going upstairs or walking long distances. Having this endurance will keep you feeling your best no matter what you are going through in your everyday life. 

The course will help you feel looser and able to get moving quicker each day. 

When You Stretch, It’s Excellent for Your Mental Health

People that stretch on a regular basis also enjoy mental health benefits.  It increases your blood circulation so that your brain can work better. 

With this improvement in cognitive function, you will have a brighter mood and an overall better disposition. It helps you to produce mood-enhancing endorphins, and you will be less prone to poor moods and depression. 

The Parkinson’s Success System course promotes a can-do attitude and will give you the tools you need to live a normal, healthy life. This change in mood and mentality can help you through the toughest trials that you face with Parkinson’s disease. 


Get Help With Parkinson’s With The Parkinson’s Success System Course

The tips above are incredible when you need help with Parkinson’s disease. Taking The Parkinson’s Success System Course will make you more fit and capable, regardless of the tremors, shaking, and any other effects that Parkinson’s brings.  

Take some time out to contact us using our online portal, or and make sure to get on the waiting list for our course!