Great Places to be inspired to walk

What will inspire you to go for walks?

Yesterday I finished training one of my clients in Santa Monica.  It was a beautiful afternoon and I was in the mood to walk by the ocean.  I got in my car and drove down to Palisades Park in Santa Monica, California and enjoyed a beautiful walk.  There was a nice breeze outside and the temperature was perfect.  One of the best things was the amazing clear view of the ocean.  When I walk by the ocean, I feel at peace and energized at the same time.  I look upon in awe the beauty and magnificence that God created. Maybe you’ll choose to go to  take a walk in Palisades Park by yourself or with your friends and/or family.  I took these pictures to inspire you and motivate you as well to go to places you think are beautiful.

Since I was young I looked for places to go for walk.  Over the years I look for places to hike, to be in nature, to go by the ocean or a lake, and other places which I enjoy looking at.  I love walking in the outdoors and getting exercise.  I feel good when I walk and inspired and revitalized when I walk where there are beautiful views, especially in nature.


Where do you like to go for walks?

  • Where do you like to see a view?
  • Do you like to go to the ocean to walk and look at it?
  • Do you like to go hiking?
  • Do you have some neighborhoods that you enjoy walking in and looking at the houses?

Some Ideas of Places to Go Walking


Going hiking for me is amazing. I love going hiking and getting away from the city. I love being in nature and walking along beautiful trails seeing amazing views of mountains, trees, flowers and the ocean.

I also get a great workout when I go hiking.  I could be walking for an hour or more. Many hiking trails have inclines on them where you have to climb up the mountain which adds to the challenge of the work out.

Hiking for me is also very peaceful and it gives me an opportunity to recharge and relax my mind.  I feel energized as well when I hike.  

I enjoy going hiking alone but I also enjoy hiking with people. I find us a great time to spend with someone that I care about and it gives us an opportunity to deep in our relationship and friendship.

I strongly encourage you to give hiking a try if you haven’t already and to make it a part of your life if it isn’t. Hiking is also something great to plan to go to. There are many places throughout the world you could hike. If this is something you want to do take the time to plan it out.  The key is to shift gears mentally and two make a plan to do it.

Going to the Beach to Walk

well I’m writing this article I’m actually standing in front of the water in Manhattan Beach California listening to the amazing sound of the water.  It’s so beautiful out today. The sky is clear and ocean is blue. People are surfing. A lady just ran in front of me and another lady walked in front of me while I’m standing here looking in the ocean writing this article to inspire you.

going to the beach for me is very peaceful and relaxing. It’s definitely a great time for me to recharge and rejuvenate myself. I get a great walk in or work out overall and it’s some thing I really look forward to which is really important I think to develop the habit of exercising regularly.

I hope that while planning out places to walk he will strongly consider going to the beach to recharge yourself either by yourself or with people you care about.






Manhattan Beach, California