Our thoughts can strongly influence how we feel and ultimately what we do.

By changing the way we think about exercising it can help to change the way we feel about exercising and ultimately influence and lead to choosing to exercise or not.

Reframe what you think about exercise
Change how you feel about exercise
Change whether you exercise or not

What you think about exercise can greatly influence if you choose to do it or not. It’s easy to say things like: I don’t like to exercise, exercise is painful, I’m not in the mood, exercise is boring, I’ll do it later, I know I should exercise, etc.

Signs with sayings around you that express your positive thoughts and feelings about exercise can be a great reminder to you. These positive thoughts and feelings can help you form deeper positive associations with exercise helping to lead you to exercising.

If you start to see sayings like, “I feel great when I exercise,” “I look and feel better because I exercise,” “I love exercising,” “I look forward to exercising,” it can help to form a positive connection with exercise. If I thought something positive like I feel great when I exercise, it could lead me to saying I want to feel great, I’ll exercise. If you have great times hiking and you see a sign that says I love hiking, you might think to yourself about going hiking.

Picture yourself working out or hiking. You have a great time, feel better, or have a positive experience from it. Now picture yourself in your home with nothing to remind you about exercising. Do you think you would think about exercising, how great you feel when you exercise, how much you loved the hike you went on or any positive experience you had exercising? You probably won’t.

By not thinking about or being reminded of your positive feelings of exercising can lead you to go back to not thinking about exercising and possibly going back to saying things like I don’t my have time to workout, I’ll do it later, exercise is boring, etc.

I think the more positive associations you have with exercising can help to motivate and inspire you to exercise.

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