Active Office Board Adjustable Standing Platform

As standing up becomes more common in the workplace and home offices, new troubles are emerging such as standing fatigue and sore feet. Just as sitting all day is bad for your health, so it standing statically. Active Standing is much better than regular standing. The AOB (Active Office Board) encourages you to move effortlessly in a small space, while ensuring good posture.

  • Strengthens core stabilizing muscles while reducing foot fatigue & joint soreness
  • Works well for stretching calves & feet
  • Encourages micro-movement while standing with its silent, non-marking foam legs

Moving during the workday helps avoid pain resulting from sedentary behaviour. This board has adjustable foam legs that can be used as a multi-angle calf-stretcher. Prevent standing fatigue, strengthen stabilizing muscles, and add healthy balance and movement to your standing at home or the office.



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