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  • PERFECT FOR CORE – Strengthen your core with your sliding discs. Use them to target all muscles groups, from your abs to glutes and add the resistance loop bands to tone up your arms and your legs!
  • KNEE-FRIENDLY – Whether you suffered a recent injury or want to prevent achy knees, Borchent sliding discs are perfect for you. As your hands and feet never leave the floor while exercising, the discs reduce impact and protect your tendons and joints.
  • SMOOTH SLIDING – Dual sided so you could use them on most surfaces, your gliding discs slide beautifully on both carpets and floors. Just place them with the fabric side on the floor or with the plastic side on the carpet and start your workout!
  • SPECIAL BONUSES – When you spend your money on a product, you want to receive as much value as possible. For a limited time only, three different range resistance bands, one black carrying pouch, and an exercise guide come with your purchase and complete it.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your Borchent Gliding Discs and Resistance Bands, just send them back and we’ll refund you in full.
  • ZERO RISKS – If you don’t absolutely love your Borchent Gliding Discs and Resistance Bands, just send them back for a full refund.

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Who Says Losing Weight Is Expensive?
What if I told you you could have the body you’ve always dreamed of without spending your money on personal trainers? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Consisting of two gliding discs and three different range loop bands, your Borchent Home Fitness Equipment helps you lose weight and tone up without setting foot in the gym.

Your Borchent Gliding Discs:

  • Help you burn calories without hitting the gym
  • Provide an almost limitless range of movements
  • Allow you to train hard without hurting your joints
  • Can be used at home and even in a hotel room
  • Slide beautifully on most surfaces
  • Are up to 2x more resistant than similar products

Why Using Borchent Fitness Equipment for?

​Just tone up your arms, this magical fitness equipment can be used to target all muscles groups, from quadriceps to abs and glutes. So don’t be surprised if, by using them regularly, you’ll start to:

  • Regain your balance and strength
  • Become more focused and flexible
  • Build muscles and torch calories
  • ​ Lose weight and keep it off Home?
  • Whether you want to strengthen your core or
  • Feel more confident and attractive

What Makes Borchent Products Stand Up?

Borchent Fitness Equipment was born from our passion for healthy lifestyle and commitment to fitness. With each product we create, we fight against bad design and seek to improve quality based on customers’ feedback.

That’s why Borchent Sliding Discs:

  • Won’t lose the glide when used on smooth surfaces
  • Are carefully polished to slide on most carpets
  • Won’t damage your floor if used on the fabric side
  • Are large enough to get most of your foot on (7″)
  • Come in a carrying pouch for safe transport and storage

While the Resistance Bands:

  • Are made of natural latex
  • Won’t split or roll up mid-exercise
  • Feel comfortable and soft on your skin
  • Allow you to vary the intensity of your workout


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