Mini Economy Balance Pad

Great balance pad to do balance exercises to improve stability and reduce incidence of falls.

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Helps improve joint stability, overall strength, and alignment by creating a destabilized surface. 

Regular Economy Balance Pad

  • Body-weight causes person to sink into the soft mat, creating instability while performing exercises.
  • Stand on the balance pad while performing squats, lunges, deadlifts and reaching touches to improve stability and strength in the lower body and core. Advanced athletes can perform these moves on a single leg.
  • Great for planks, push-ups and core work.
  • Measures 17″L x 15″W x 2.5″H.

Mini Economy Balance Pad

  • Great for kneeling exercises, standing on one foot, or even travel. 
  • Mini measures 12.25″L x 2.5″H. Top measures 7.5″W and bottom is 9″W.


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