Professional 20″ Rocker Board

Integrate balance challenges into all aspects of your life with the Fitterfirst Professional Balance Boards. These 20″ Rocker Boards are our most popular board.

  • Patented tri-level spheres adjusts quickly & easily to steeper angles
  • Ideal for seniors & anyone new to balance training
  • Single-plane motion great for improving ankle strength, mobility & balance through front-to-back & side-to-side exercises

See increases in balance, coordination, and agility while improving strength in core and stabilizing muscles in the lower body.



  • Improve balance, strength & proprioception
  • Decrease risk of injury with stronger ankles
  • Build core & lower body strength
  • Decrease rehabilitation time & improve sports performance
  • Ideal board for seniors & anyone new to balance training
  • Single-plane motion for heel-to-toe & side-to-side movement exercises
  • Quickly adjust tri-level spheres to steeper angles, providing greater balance challenge
  • Safe, non-slip surface for any type of footwear or bare feet
  • Made from durable 3/4 inch birch plywood suitable for commercial use


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