Superdophilus Dairy Free – 1.75 oz

  • Helps destroy invading hostile bacteria by producing natural antibiotic substances.
  • As an antimicrobial, may suppress undesirable microorganisms in the intestines, by some competitive means, e.g.,production of lactic acid and other inhibitory substances.
  • May help reduce levels of potentially harmful bacterial enzyme activity in the large intestine
  • Helps lessen the production of hostile yeasts
  • Helps maintain and support a healthy immune sustem



SUPERDOPHILUS® can support:

  • Optimized digestion
  • General wellness
  • Digestion of dairy products by assisting with lactose metabolism
  • Small intestine health
  • Helps alleviate gas and bloating
  • Promote nutrient absorption

Don’t let the seasonal changes get you down! ProTren® SUPERDOPHILUS powders and capsules are the natural way to maintain a healthy intestinal flora no matter what season of the year. ProTren’s® SUPERDOPHILUS also aids in digestion and absoprtion. It is also a resident organism in the oral cavity, the vaginal tract and part of the urinary system. Appropriate for vegans and recommended for adults and children over two years of age.

100% potency guaranteed through the printed expiration date.


DAIRY FREE – Loose Powder


Lactobacillus acidophilus , Super Strain NAS 2 billion CFU per 1/2 level teaspoon

SIZES: 1.75 oz bottle and 60 capsule bottle.


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