Cargivers & Family Members

Training for Caregivers and Family members to help Senior’s

Jonathan Rose trains caregivers on what exercises and stretches they can do with the person they are taking care of so they can get regular exercise. Caregivers normally don’t do any exercises with the person they are taking care of. They usually work long hours and just do activities of daily living like feeding, bathing, cleaning and companionship with some walking at times. They are in an ideal position to do some exercises with the person they are taking care of.

Jonathan can train the person regularly and oversee what the caregiver is doing, make sure they are exercising with them, making sure their form is good, answering any questions they might have and progressing the client. Jonathan can train the caregiver or family member to help the person with to know what exercises they can do with them. Jonathan can train the caregiver or family member how to manage a person’s symptoms with Parkinson’s. He can teach them how to manage their rigidity, get looser when they feel stiff, whatt exercises they can do with them, pictures and videos will be taken so the caregiver or family member can refer to.

Some people get up by pulling themselves up holding onto the walker.  This can be dangerous at times because the walker is unstable; it moves.  Jonathan trains the person and the person taking care of them to get up safely with assistive devices like walkers to get out of a seated position by pushing off of a chair or bed.  His focus is to get the person to use as much of their own strength to get up instead of the caregiver helping them too much to get up.  Jonathan’s focus through his training is to increase the person’s strength and to train the caregiver to only help as much as necessary.  

Call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions to get help with your specific situation.

Jonathan Rose wants as many people as possible to reap the amazing benefits of exercising regularly and eating healthy.  He provides people with exercise programs that are specifically designed for them to set them up for success to get on a well rounded exercise program helping them:  get stronger, more flexible, reduce weight and body fat if needed, improve posture, improve balance, mobility and agility, as well as stamina.  

Since 1992 he has been training children, adults and seniors to help them get in their best shape.  He specializes in working with seniors and people with Parkinson’s. He is very concerned about older people getting regular exercise so they have the strength, mobility and balance to live their lives and to decrease their vulnerability to falling.  He also trains caregivers and family members to help incorporate exercise in the people they are taking care of.  He develops programs for people who have Parkinson’s to manage and reduce their symptoms and teaches the caregivers and family members to help manage as well.  He teaches them exercises and stretches to do.  

Jonathan has a degree in Exercise Science and is a NASM Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist.  He is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist in The Biomechanics Method as well as has two certifications by Gary Gray, Certification in Applied Functional Science and 3D Maps.

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