Couples Training

Over the years I have trained couples together and really see how much fun they have working out together and how beneficial it is for their relationship. Being married myself I have found how beneficial it is for my own relationship to do activities together. One amazing benefit of exercise is that it produces endorphins, which leads to people feeling better and puts them in a more positive mood. That in itself is great for a relationship to help a couple strengthen their connection. There are so many forces that can pull at a relationship. A couple could have many different stresses to deal with like: financial, children, sexual, communication, not getting along, etc. In relationships, people can be concerned about the other person’s health or how they look. By exercising together they will be in a position to support each other and not try to encourage and persuade each other to exercise and eat healthily.

Exercising together can help couples:
get in shape together
support each other
understand each other needs and goals
have fun together
deepen their connection
give them a positive activity to look forward to
encourage each other
get healthier together and develop a healthier lifestyle
be a positive role model and example if they have kids