Virtual Training

At the start of the pandemic I was very concerned for older people not exercising. I knew that if older people were stuck in their house and didn’t get a lot of movement it could lead to them getting weaker, more rigid and stiff, and having problems getting up and out of their chair and bed. I was extremely concerned of people with Parkinson’s not getting regular exercise. Exercise for people with Parkinson’s is like medication. Exercise helps to increase a person’s dopamine efficiency and decrease their symptoms so they can move better. I’ve been training clients of all ages for 29 years and specializing in training seniors and people with Parkinson’s. I have seen the negative effects of people not getting regular exercise. Virtual training is a great option for people who are scared for someone to come over their house.

When the pandemic began all except one of my clients stopped having me come to them because they were scared. A few weeks later I started hearing personal trainers offering to train their clients virtually. I reached out to my clients who weren’t comfortable with me coming over their house. A few of them were open to me training them virtually. An 85 and a 94 year old lady I trained via FaceTime and Skype. The caregivers helped to position the phone or iPad. An 83 year old man I trained via Skype. He positioned his own device, phone or computer. When the numbers went up during Thanksgiving and Christmas my 84 year old client decided to train virtually. He positioned his computer during the session and felt comfortable doing that.

I found that we were both able to see each other very well. I was able to see what they were doing and they were able to see what I wanted them to do. I was pleased at the workout that my clients got. I found that they were able to go through a really good workout.

Overall, I found training clients virtually to be a good option. I like it that I can train clients locally who aren’t comfortable with me training them in their home and a great option for people I don’t live near.  Virtual training has been a great way of keeping my clients exercising regularly.  Whether I see a person in their home or on a screen that person is experiencing the great benefits of exercising.  Building the habit of exercise can be quite challenging for many.  If a person isn’t comfortable with having me come to their house training them virtually works really well to give them a great workout and get them to exercise and move their bodies.

For clients who have caregivers, I like it when they help during the session because I can teach them exercises and stretches they can do in-between sessions with my client. I am also able to teach the caregiver how to get my client up and down from a chair or bed as well as in and out of bed. My goal is to get my client to do as much as they can. At times caregivers help the person too much. There are many people who are very capable of getting up on their own or with a little assistance. My goal is to help determine what my client can do on their own, if they need assistance from the caregiver, and if so how much.

Once I assess the situation I can train my client and the caregiver so the client can do whatever they are capable of and their caregiver helps them the right amount.

Overall, virtual training is very good. If you need help with your workout I will assess you and design an exercise program to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Contact me if you have any questions or to schedule your own individually designed exercise program so you can reach your fitness goals and get in your best shape.