why hire me?

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Are you exercising regularly?
Are you on a program that is giving you the results you want?
Do you need support to help you get into great shape whether it is getting on the right exercise program for you or scheduling appointments with a trainer who you will commit to a meeting?

Benefits of hiring a trainer:

A trainer helps one stay on track.  The primary key to getting results is to be consistent.  It is so easy to have an excuse why you can’t work out.  When you have reserved time to workout and paying someone to meet with you, it sets you up for success.

A trainer will give you a workout that is specific toward achieving your goal.  They can have a person do the right exercises, at the right weight, for the correct amount of repetitions.  A trainer has the education and experience on what exercises and intensities are best.  One can do the wrong exercises at the wrong intensities and get the opposite result from what they want to and possibly hurt themselves.

A trainer can help educate and support someone to eat healthily and in a way to encourage them towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

A trainer can measure someone’s progress to see if they are achieving their goal, and if they aren’t the trainer can modify the program.  The trainer can measure someone’s body fat and measurements of the body like waist, hips, thighs, arms, and chest to give their client feedback.

A trainer can give someone a more extensive exercise selection with variety.

A trainer can design a workout to help one prevent injury or rehabilitate from one.  If one has an injury, the trainer can develop a program safely within the injuries limitations giving one the opportunity to workout in spite of their injury.  Ex.  A person has an injured rotator cuff.  The trainer can lead their client through a group of exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles to give them more strength and stability in their shoulder at the same time training the rest of the person’s body.  Many people don’t exercise because of their injury because they don’t know what they can do safely.  Also, many people who stop their few sessions of therapy don’t follow through and continue their rehab exercises. 

What is your goal?  Do you want to get in better shape, lose weight, fit into your clothes better, have more energy, get stronger, improve your posture, exercise consistently?

Be real with yourself.  Are you doing what you need to do to achieve your health and fitness goals or could you benefit from some help and support?  Asking for help and support is a good thing.  Some too many people aren’t experiencing the benefits of exercising and eating right which are amazing.  Unfortunately,  they are suffering the consequences of not exercising and/or eating right.

Make sure that you make the right decision.  Take care of you.  Be the best you can be.  You will be happy you did it.

Wouldn’t you like to:  look and feel better, fit into your clothes better, be lighter if you want and need to lose weight, feel stronger and more flexible, have more stamina and energy, and ultimately function better so you can enjoy your life in the best way possible?

We all have 168 hours a week.  Make the time to invest in yourself.  You deserve it:)