woman standing with knees bent on black core balance disc

A major component of workouts with my clients over the past 30 years incorporates exercises to improve balance. Balance training is beneficial at all ages whether you are a kid, older adult or senior. Balance training would be good to add in to one’s fitness routine.  

When I was a teenager I just learned how to lift weights. Even when I became a personal trainer the majority of my workouts just included strength training, some core work, and stretching.

Over the years after getting more certifications, seeing what people needed to work on, and what other trainers were doing I began to incorporate more exercises to improve balance. Now balance training is a major part of my exercise routines with people. Exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and the core can help to improve balance.

Whether you want to work on improving your balance to increase coordination, perform your daily tasks easier and better, prevent falling, feel safer and more stable when walking and moving, improve athletic performance, or to rehabilitate your body, balance training can help you out a lot.

Over the past 14 years I have specialized in training seniors and people with Parkinson’s. For these populations a number of them have balance problems and are concerned that their balance isn’t good and needs to be worked on. It has been found that balance training is very important to work on to prevent falling and help one feel more in control of their body when they move. Balance training really helps with increasing one’s proprioception which is the ability for one to sense their body in space.  

I’ve personally seen people improve significantly in their balance. Older people feel safer, more in control of their body and less vulnerable to falling. It’s nice to see older people feeling more secure from balance training.

Balance training is challenging also which is good for people. I have noticed people like trying to balance themselves.

Balance training is great to start at a younger age as well. Many people who are younger who play sports can benefit from balance training greatly.

I start off training people doing balance exercises without equipment doing a number of exercises to improve balance (add link to balance exercises without equipment) as well as to strengthen their lower body and core. A strong core is the foundation of balance and stability which can help prevent falls and injuries during sports or other activities.

Before doing exercises on balance exercise equipment make sure that your balance is good enough and be close to something or someone for support if needed when first starting out if needed.

Concentrating on improving your balance can help you in so many ways:

Decreasing incidence of falling

  • Decrease incidence of falling
  • Prevent injuries during sports and other activities
  • Helping older to people especially to feel more secure and stable while walking
  • Rehabilitation from lower extremity injuries in the hip, knee, and ankle
  • Strengthen muscles in the lower body especially the ankle muscles
  • Improve sports performance

Here are the best balance training equipment:

1.  Fitterfirst Balance Board


16 inch Professional Balance Board

The lightweight Fitterfirst Balance Board is a great way to incorporate balance training into your home and work life. Use during daily activities to increase proprioception and range of motion, and build balance while standing at your work or home office desk. 

  • Increase knee, ankle & core strength and stability while building range of motion & balance
  • Increase difficulty of your exercise routine
  • Adjustable to two height settings & highly portable
  • Use for building balance to prevent falls
  • Use for rehabilitation of lower body

2. Extreme Balance Board

The Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro gives you the ability to train balance and coordination, build upper and lower body strength, and increase mobility at a high level. These boards are great at helping stretch and strengthen ligaments and tendons in the legs.

  • Strengthen Core
  • Challenge and Improve Balance
  • Increase Upper and Lower Body Strength
  • Increase Ankle Stability
  • Features a full 360 degree rotational disc & 2 difficulty settings
  • Multi-directional range of motion
  • Built for safe for club use, loved by home users
  • Non-slip top great for all footwear & barefoot use

3. Indo Board

Indo Boards are built with the finest quality materials available and are made specifically to withstand the rigors of daily use. With 20 years of research and development behind us we are confident that our products not only perform well but will stand the test of time.
  • Strengthen Core
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Deck dimensions: 30” X 18”
  • Roller size: 6.5” diameter
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • Deck construction: 11/16” Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with non-slip surface
  • Roller construction: indestructible molded plastic with three strips of grip tape
  • 11 deck colors available

4. Bongo Board

Man Standing on Bongo Board

The FItterfirst Bongo Board® is the hottest balance training product on the market! The fast and dynamic movement of the board is perfect for skiers, surfers, skaters, hockey players, and other athletes. Develop great performance-enhancing reaction skills and master tricks with this super challenging board.

  • Enhance core strength & stability while building balance & proprioception
  • Advanced development of reaction time
  • Highest challenge, risk, reward

5. Boardrock


The BoardRock is a versatile tool for balance and fitness exercises or practicing your toughest tricks. The 31″ deck has flexing spheres for a unique boarding challenge and is the perfect dryland or cross training tool for skateboarders, snowboarders and wake boarders. Use it for standard balance training or to practice and master a variety of flips and tricks.

  • Enhance leg strength & core stability
  • Improve balance, agility & coordination
  • Flexing spheres for indoor/outdoor use

6. Fitterfirst Rotational Discs





Fitterfirst Rotational Discs

The Fitterfirst Rotational Discs are a useful tool for improving rotational stability, balance and range of motion. The movement of these Rotational Discs allows one to target a variety of joints such as in the shoulder or hip.

  • Sold as pair (box of 2 units)
  • Friction-free for minimal torque on joints
  • Improve rotation while decreasing strain that could lead to injury

7. Professional 20″ Rocker Board

Professional 20" Rocker Board

Integrate balance challenges into all aspects of your life with the Fitterfirst Professional Balance Boards. These 20″ Rocker Boards are our most popular board.

  • Patented tri-level spheres adjusts quickly & easily to steeper angles
  • Ideal for seniors & anyone new to balance training
  • Single-plane motion great for improving ankle strength, mobility & balance through front-to-back & side-to-side exercises

8. Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer

Woman in Ski Position on Pro Fitter Skin Trainer

The Pro Fitter is challenging, fun and easy to learn! Suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone can see the immediate results of cross training with the Pro Fitter! More than just a ski machine:

  • More like a sport than an exercise.
  • 20+ exercises to improve leg, core and upper body strength and stability.
  • Better balance, coordination and overall agility.

9. Balance Pad

The FItterfirst Balance Pad provides a whole new dimension to balance training by creating the fluid sensation of floating on a cushion, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The unique design allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility.

  • Improve your balance
  • Increase your ankle stability
  • Enhance your proprioception
  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • 60mm (2.4inch) thick closed-cell foam is easy to clean
  • Large surface area for a variety of standing, sitting & bridging positions

10. Soft Board Rocker Board

Soft Boards provide a whole new dimension to balance training by creating the fluid sensation of floating on a cushion, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. This Soft Board Rocker Board was designed with a half-cylinder running down the mid-line, creating an unstable rocking motion.

  • The single-plane movement is good for sports conditioning & intermediate-level rehabilitation
  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • Soft top easy to grip for upper-body exercises like planking

The unique design allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility. Perfect for home, gym and office use.


11. Balance Trainer

Sculpt your body with the challenge of balance! The ProsourceFit Balance Trainer is a great fitness tool to tone and train your legs, glutes, core, and upper body. Exercise platform side up or down for challenging balance workouts. The attachable resistance bands offer even more versatility in your arm exercises when using your half ball balance trainer.

12. Core Balance Disc


The ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc is a fun, versatile tool for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, Pilates instructors, physical therapists, or anyone who wants to improve their balance and core strength. This lightweight, portable disc creates an unstable surface that can be used for a variety of purposes such as standing balance exercises, seated or kneeling Pilates core workouts, or prone movements like planks and push-ups. It can also be used as a seat cushion for both adults and children. One side features small bumps to provide traction and grip, while the other has more tactile, flexible raised bumps for a massaging affect. Disc may be used on either side, according to your preference. The stability disc is 14-inches in diameter, and approximately 3-inches high, depending on how much you inflate it (not to exceed 5”). It comes with a hand pump so you can inflate it according to your needs and comfort level. Great to have on hand at gyms as well as at home for strengthening, balance, and therapy exercises you can do anywhere. Comes in 6 colors.


What Are You Going to Get to Improve Your Balance?

Balance equipment can offer you a great challenge to your balance.  I gave you many options of balance equipment that can help you improve your balance and challenge you.  Get the balance equipment that you think would be best for your needs.  Getting a couple different pieces of equipment might be good so you can alternate.  Contact Jonathan Rose at Training For All Ages if you have any questions or would like personalized training to improve your balance and overall fitness.  Jonathan is a Master Trainer who has been training people for 30 years.  He can give you a great exercise program that can help you reach your health and fitness goals.